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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Iran is interested in Embraer aircraft

The Iranian government announced to the presidency who would be interested in buying 50 aircraft from Embraer, as reported today by Reuters. The country would be greatly interested in renewing its fleet of regional aircraft use by Iran Air, which currently has 16 Fokker 100 aircraft which has passenger capacity similar to Eject.

Iran also hopes to use other types of currency for the purchase, they use dollar in trading could generate from US embargoes. Iran recently held a large order services and Airbus aircraft totaling about 114 next generation aircraft entered the contract signed by the Iranian president. ATR also received orders for 72-600, with 20 fixed aircraft contract with options for 20 ATR72.

Iran's announcement also includes about 100 thousand cars to be used as a taxi, as well as buses and trucks Brazil to renew the fleet across the country.